Donations F.A.Q.s


Can I give automatically from my checking, savings, or credit card account?

Yes. All of these options are available online or you can mail us checks. If you have other questions about donations please email us at


How do I pay by check?

Please make checks payable to: NAMS Network

and send them to:

NAMS Network, Inc.

2820 Selwyn Avenue, Suite 694

Charlotte, NC 28209


Are my donations tax-deductible?

Yes. All donations to the ministry of NAMS Network and our NAMS Companions are tax-deductible.


Are there fees related to credit card transactions?

Yes,  Fees are approximately 3% for credit card usage. We encourage donors to consider Electronic Fund Transfers (EFT), which is a direct transfer from your bank account to the NAMS Network account which incurs a smaller fee around $.30 for each transaction.


What percentage of my gift actually goes to the designated NAMS Companion or project

After transaction fees 93% of the remaining amount goes to the NAMS Companion or project. The remaining 7% goes to the General fund to help sustain NAMS' mission and ministry, to offset the costs associated with co-ordinating and looking after our companions, to subsidize their travel and to assist in the organization of specific NAMS events around the world.


How are NAMS Companions and Activities supported

NAMS companions do not receive salaries but we channel dedicated giving to them and allocate money from our general fund to support and under-gird their work around the world.