Kenya Micro Lending

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The Mission

The goal of this project is to create a micro lending program for the NAMS Single-mothers Women Discipleship Group (also known as Hope-4-Life Women Group) that started in the early 2018. This group of mostly single mothers who make their living in Ngara market, at the heart of Nairobi City, to pray, study the Bible and discuss issues facing them. The majority of them are either poorly paid laborers, or have struggling businesses.


To begin, thirty women from this background will undertake a four-month rigorous entrepreneurial training before gaining access to a loan. Most of these women already have skills in tailoring, enhancing these skills to an advanced level will give them a competitive edge. Furthermore, the skills will go a long way in enabling them to gain bargaining power that will result into earning better returns. Their children (most of whom are neglected by their biological fathers) will be the first beneficiaries in many ways including access to improved dietary, healthcare and school fees. 


The poor earning coupled with socio-psychological handicaps of their past as well as the recent economic hardship caused by the Covid Pandemic have hit the women living in the Ngara market hard. Unfortunately, this unfavorable state of affairs often exposes them to sexual predators and economic exploitation. NAMS Base Community in Nairobi labor with the clear goal of ensuring that the discipleship carried out among these women fulfills its holistic and transformational agenda.