Mission Georgetown

Funded: 70


The Mission

To create a new and vibrant community of faith in the West End of Georgetown. This neighbor has along history but could benefit from improvements to safety, well being and livability as the city of Georgetown begins to see redevelopment and growth in its future. 


The vision is to see a thriving new community of faith started in Georgetown SC. This will include seeing the North American NAMS HQ and the Office of the Global Secretary relocate to the West End neighborhood of Georgetown. These will be based in a NAMS Mission house that we will establish in the neighborhood. This house of mission will be used to facilitate the creation of a NAMS Base Community and the new community of faith. NAMS will also establish the NAMS institute and use the House of Mission as its initial location. This institute will begin to provide both physical and virtual training.

All this work will partner with local organizations to help revitalize the West End community for both the existing residents as well as working to help create a welcoming environment as the neighborhood grows and prospers.

The core principle of the work will be to make disciples by raising disciple-making leaders who plant disciple-making churches within the Anglican tradition. We also seek to provide key role models and mentors within the community. 


The west end of Georgetown is a historic African-American neighborhood that has been in decline for many years. With the changing dynamics of Georgetown county this area is located in a prime area to see significant change and growth over the next decade. Our goals is to build a new community of faith that will help improve the lives of the current residents and be prepared for the changes that are beginning to happen.