Northern India Mission

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The Mission

Our vision is to see a the gospel reached in villages throughout Northern India. The project consists of a team of 5 missionaries. They will be talented missionaries trained and overseen by our team. They will have a 7-seater vehicle and will travel to village after village and will be involved in ministries such as personal evangelism, open air meetings, street outreaches, Bible and literature distribution, food packets distribution, organizing medical camps, surveying, starting new village churches, training new believers in the villages, organizing village and region level prayer meetings for the state etc...


The goal is for our team of key missionaries to reach villages in northern India during 2022. The outreach will include creating bore wells, food distribution, medical camps and child care projects. They will preach and teach the gospel and once there are converts to the faith, they will build a healthy village church in each village. After the church is started a leader will be raised up, equipped, trained and taken through a discipleship program and then placed in charge of the church. The team will then move to the next town. The missionary team will continue to give leadership to these growing churches.

This is a seasoned and on-going strategy they have used in India that has already resulted in many village churches being planted. The purchase of a dedicated vehicle to use in this mission will greatly expand the reach of this work. 


North India and it is one of the least evangelized parts of India. Only a small percentage of the region has been exposed to the Christian Gospel. Many villages still do not have any Christian presence. It is one of the most challenging mission fields in India. Due to the work our lead Companion and his team have been doing in the area there is an open door for this mission and today is the best time to leverage this opportunity to reach these unreached villages with the gospel message.