NAMS in a Nutshell


NAMS exists to help spread the Gospel to all People.


NAMS trains and equips disciple-making disciples.


NAMS trains and equips disciple-making leaders.


NAMS sends trained and equipped people all around the globe.



the NAMS charge


 In June of 1998, The Archbishop of South East Asia gave NAMS the following charge:


  • Preach and teach Jesus Christ and him crucified;
  • Plant new churches wherever God opens the door;
  • Always obey the Holy Spirit;
  • Never ... break the word of God.



what are the goals of NAMS?


By God's grace we are:

  • BUILDING a global network of Companions and Associates, whom God calls to the NAMS vision and mission.
  • GOING wherever the Lord Jesus sends us.
  • HELPING to plant new communities of faith, obedient to the Great Commission.
  • REMAINING faithful to the Gospel and values of the Kingdom of God in all things.



what is NAMS' church planting process?


By God's grace we follow a seven-step plan. We:

  • SEND to the field assigned, NAMS Companions, who are obedient to the Great Commission, and who have been equipped to lay a foundation for our efforts in that particular place;
  • ESTABLISH a “Base Community” as our first headquarters, for the supervision and care of our colleagues, and to serve as an “incubator” for new Church planting;
  • PARTNER with other confessing Christians on the basis of an agreed contextual “Covenant for Partnership,” whenever possible;
  • help to PLANT multiplying “Great Commission Communities,” as God blesses, under NAMS temporary supervision;
  • DISCIPLE new converts and NAMS colleagues regularly and constantly as we go;
  • RELEASE our temporary supervisory oversight of the churches we have helped to plant to the appropriate jurisdiction, as soon as possible or agreed;
  • RE-DEPLOY our trained colleagues into new fields, as the Holy Spirit leads.


NAMS' people: associates and colleagues



The calling to plant new pioneering congregations that will become centers for faithful global mission is a specialized calling. NAMS is looking for men and women who exhibit:

  • Passionate Hearts: the Gospel has changed them forever
  • Leadership Gifting: they attract others to the mission of Jesus
  • Apostolic Grace: they are willing to go where people have not yet heard
  • Networking Ability: they work in partnership with other faithful people and build networks for the kingdom
  • Teachable Spirits: they know they have much to learn from the Lord and from others He is calling now, and those he has called in the past.
  • Multiplying Track Record: they have proven that they can disciple and send others to obey the call of Jesus.


the NAMS Servant General


The Rev. Canon Dr. Jon C. Shuler, PhD is the Global leader of NAMS. He and Cynthia have been married more than 48 years, and have three children and four grandchildren. Jon has served global churches for more than 45 years, and has been leading NAMS since 1994. In January 2014 Bp. Albert Vun, Diocese of Sabah, Malaysia, made Jon a canon missioner of his diocese.

Jon founded the New Anglican Missionary Society (NAMS), modeling ancient apostolic patterns in fresh ways to spread the Gospel to the world. In 2000, Jon planted King of Kings Church in Charlotte, NC, and began the King of Kings Mission Network the following year, using NAMS principles.

Between 2000 and 2007, the network helped plant 13 new congregations in North America and 8 overseas.

After graduating from the United States Military Academy (West Point, NY), he earned a Post Graduate Diploma in Theology and a Doctor of Philosophy in Church History at the University of Durham (Durham, England). He was ordained as a presbyter of the Church in 1973.

Jon’s heart for evangelistic outreach and training communities of “disciples-who-make-disciples” of Jesus Christ is well known throughout the world. He has assisted in growing the Church on six continents, and is often asked to teach at conferences on Church growth and planting, discipleship and leadership development.

He has also given leadership to evangelistic missions around the world. “Thank-you, Canterbury” in ’97, the “Archbishop’s Mission to Kampala, ” Uganda in ’04, “Camino de Santiago Mission,” Spain in ’06, “On the Move,” Beijing, China in ’08, are some of the missions he has led. Most recently he participated in the “75th Anniversary of the East Africa Revival Conference” in Gahini, Rwanda in 2010.


As a clergy wife and companion, Cynthia has traveled the world with Jon, but prefers to pray and work behind the scenes. She earned a BFA from Miami University–Ohio, specializing in painting and printmaking. These days, as the artist “C. Hoppin Shuler,” she focuses primarily on oil painting, and has won recognition in international juried competition. Cynthia is also a devoted grandmother. The Shulers currently reside in the low country of South Carolina.