Below are a few of the projects that our NAMS companions are involved with. Click on the learn more buttons to see the details and how you can help support the project.

Mission Georgetown

To create a new and vibrant community of faith in the West End of Georgetown SC. This neighbor has along history but could benefit from improvements to safety, well being and livability as the city of Georgetown begins to see redevelopment and growth in its future.

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We are exploring an opportunity within Jordan to start a base community. This initial mission will see a key NAMS companion and his family spend 4 months in Jordan seeking to share the faith and seek opportunities tor the formation of disciple-making-disciples and the start of a NAMS base in the country.

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Northern India

We are working with the NAMS Base community to purchase a vehicle so the missionaries there can plant many village churches in northern India in 2022. This is a seasoned and on-going strategy that has been used in India resulting in many village churches being planted. 

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We are working with the NAMS base community in Kenya to create a micro lending program to help the women of the Hope-4-Life women's group. These single mothers are trying make a living in the Ngara market and this program aims to help them create thriving businesses and continue the discipleship within the group.

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Global - GAP

The Global Apprenticeship Program is an exciting opportunity to assist in raising up new and emerging leaders within the NAMS Network. They will train and grow in faith, experience and knowledge within the stimulating environments of one of our NAMS base communities.

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