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In Matthew 9:37-38 Jesus talks about the harvest and the laborers. It is thru your prayers and donations that we are able to support the work of the laborers who are fulfilling God's call given to NAMS. Below are some of the ways that people participate in our calling

NAMS Companions

A NAMS Companion is a Missionary Disciple sharing a common call and living a common pattern of and for life.

Companions are the backbone of the work that NAMS does around the world.

To find out more please reach out to us.

NAMS Centurions

A NAMS Centurion is a follower of Jesus who:

Worships and serves in their local church

Is on an intentional disciple-making journey with at least one other

Prays daily for the global mission of Jesus

Gives monthly to support the global mission of NAMS

Commits to recruit one other Centurion each year

Friends of NAMS

Our NAMS Friends are all those that have or are providing prayers and resources to support the vision and mission of NAMS

To become a friend of NAMS click on the Give button below and join the team.


Are you looking for an opportunity to live on site, train and grow in faith, experience and knowledge within the stimulating environments of one of our NAMS base communities. If so, reach out to Isaac, our GAP leader, for more details or check out the GAP Facebook page.

Partner and Anchor Parishes

At NAMS we look to partner with parishes that share a heart for global mission and discipleship. A partner parish
has the following:

1.  Rector Advocate for NAMS
2.  Pray for NAMS in Liturgy
3.  At least 1 parishioner a financial Supporter of NAMS
4.  Parish contributes Annually to NAMS

We also look  to partner with a small number of Parishes that function as Anchor Parishes for the Global Work of NAMS. These Parishes agree to come alongside NAMS as we follow the One Mission. Above the 4 guidelines of a partner parish these parishes commit to:

5.  Having a Centurion Cohort and or a Lydian Cohort
6.  Actively Assists one New NAMS Church plant locally or Globally
7.  Host a NAMS training event yearly
8.  A multi-year covenant to support NAMS

NAMS works with our Partner and Anchor Parishes to assist them in helping to create and/or nurture a culture of discipleship and a heart for Global mission.


​We trust God to provide and he does this through his believers investing in the mission that he has given to his followers.​ If you feel that he is leading you to invest in the vision he has given NAMS please use the donate button to join the team and help support the mission God has given NAMS.​


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