The NAMS Institute

Training the leaders of tomorrow


Helping the faithful church engage the One Mission

Training - 

that makes a leadership difference. 

Helping leaders to: 
* revitalize existing churches
* replant existing churches
* plant new churches

Researching - 

what helps the local church to grow.

Focusing on the:
* history and practice of Christian mission
*unique contribution of the English reformation to mission
*current global challenges to faithful mission


Communicating - 

what spreads the Kingdom of God.

By all available communication means to:
* share the fruits of our research
* stir up the faithful church to missionary faithfulness
* find global missionaries

Networking - 

with those who obey the final command.

Creating a global network of:
* lay and ordained missionary Christians for North America
* prayerful missionary intercessors
* faithful resource partners